Dani Rhea
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Cameron Hickox


Dani Rhea thought of virtually everything for my grandparents' 50th Anniversary down to the special details. From decorations to entertainment to party layout, it was perfectly planned with them in mind. It was so sweet seeing how special the night was for everyone involved - especially the two of them. Everything went so smoothly and enjoyably which further proves all the pre-event preparation that occurred without any of us knowing. She managed to organize our crazy family to get the help we needed for various aspects of the party, but it wouldn’t have been so perfect without her thoughtfulness and organization - I truly mean this!! One of my favorite memories of a lifetime!


I have followed the writing of DaniRhea for over a decade.  Reading the honesty in her stories always made me feel a little better about myself and my circumstances.  She has a way of capturing the most real situations, which can sometimes make you feel crazy in your own life, in a unique and open-minded way.  Her writing makes you reflect, provides comfort and helps you see your own journey through a more positive lens.

Taking that approach in telling other’s stories only makes the experience of sharing them more powerful.  Danielle makes planning a party, sharing a story, or just sitting around a campfire an open and warm environment to generate magic! Her sincerity makes it easy to talk, and her creativity is infectious!


Sean Smith


My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Once it was discovered she promptly began a painful course of treatment and ultimately endured a gastrectomy. She deserved to be celebrated. Her birthday was approaching, so I reached out to Dani Rhea and we decided to throw her the best surprise birthday party ever. Dani Rhea found the perfect venue to hold every single friend and family member who could come. She handled the menu, the decorations, the cake, the photographer, basically every single detail. The look on my mother’s face when she walked into that room was priceless. That day was made even more special when, just a few weeks before the party, we’d learned her cancer had returned and ultimately she would stop treatment. That was her last birthday and with Dani Rhea’s help it couldn’t have been more perfect.


In the 20 years I’ve known her, from epic email exchanges, to columns in the Wise County Messenger, and even letters written long hand, Danielle’s gift for writing has always shone through. Her writing hits all the high notes and evokes all the emotions that make writing worth reading.